Renowned Danish label Henrik Vibskov fêted its Los Angeles pop-up at Culture Edit with a lively evening bookended with a performance by Haus of Basquiat. Step inside the opening reception, held March 23.

Henrik Vibskov Comes to Hollywood: Inside the Opening Reception

Renowned Danish label Henrik Vibskov fêted its Los Angeles pop-up at Culture Edit with a lively evening bookended with a performance by Haus of Basquiat. Step inside the opening reception, held March 23.
April 02, 2024
article by Mari Alexander/

photography by Kalia Machado

Tucked inside an L-shaped strip mall that wraps around a modest parking lot, sandwiched between a liquor store and an Indian restaurant, is an unassuming store called Culture Edit.

Correction: It’s a multipurpose space, helmed by Swedish-born and Los Angeles-based Joakim Andreasson, which houses everything from fashion to adult goods. Over the years, Culture Edit has played host to art exhibitions, collaborated with fashion designers, and even welcomed some iconic photographers to its home on Santa Monica Boulevard. And today, it’s kicking off a three-ish-week-long pop-up with Danish fashion brand, Henrik Vibskov, with an opening reception.

I arrive at the inconspicuous storefront on a Saturday afternoon, and pour out of the door of my Uber to a small, well-dressed crowd. And is that … Henrik Vibskov himself? I do a belated, befuddled double take as I walk past him and into the showroom-cum-store-cum-gallery. A right turn and then another, and I find myself in a spacious exhibit hall, doused in a zesty shade of orange. Right in the center, there’s an orange boxing ring. I immediately recognize it; it’s the very same installation from the brand’s spring-summer 2024 show!

AboveDubbed “The Unboxing Waltz Tutorial,” the show took inspiration from the literal and figurative meaning of "boxes."

OK, some context: Back in August of last year, Henrik Vibskov put on a show inspired by the sport of boxing, setting up a boxing arena in the courtyard of the Design Museum in Copenhagen. “I don’t really like the violence part. But there’s this whole mind game going on, the mental aspect, how they look at each other during a match. And I thought that was more interesting,” Henrik told Vogue Scandinavia

Henrik is one of the biggest figures in Danish fashion with numerous accolades under his belt. (Just at the tail end of last year, now-King Frederik X and Queen Mary honored the designer with the esteemed Kronprinsparrets Priser culture award.) On top of designing fashion, Henrik is also an artist, curator and musician, and there’s no denying the influence of this background on his shows. They have philosophical depth. They leave you musing at the end. I experienced this first hand at his fall-winter show earlier this year. (Missed the story? Here’s where to go.) That’s why it feels so special seeing his brand — not to mention him and his incredible team — in my neck of the woods. 

On the rightBoasting a sculptural, titanium frame, these sunglasses are a playful accessory from Henrik Vibskov’s spring-summer key 2024 collection.

“Why Los Angeles?” I later ask Henrik, who’s wearing a black beanie, a plaid-check fringed coat over an off-white shirt, and a crossbody bag that fastens everything together. This isn’t his first time in the city, he explains. As a musician, he’s performed in California a few times. A collaboration here with Culture Edit just made sense. Oh, and there’s going to be a performance later, too, he adds with a little smile in his voice. 

AboveDuring the pop-up, Henrik and I converse about his fall-winter 2024 show, his next collection, and recent royal recognition.

Until then, my friend and I walk around the perimeter of the room, perusing the brand’s merchandise — a savvy mix of garments, shoes, books, and eyewear. Half an hour flashes amid conversation and all the mixing and mingling. People go, but even more people come. A glass of wine later, the place fills up to a comfortable, but not-too-crowded level. Now, it’s time for the show to begin. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Haus of Basquiat,” Dashaun Wesley, host of HBO Max’s voguing competition “Legendary” announces into the microphone, enticing the crowd. (Dashaun started the Haus of Basquiat, his own house, on the show.) One by one, four dancers strut down and around the boxing arena, decked head-to-toe in Henrik Vibskov’s spring-summer 2024 collection. Then, two by two, they circle each other in the ring, striking a pose and battling it out. Whoo-whoo! Guests cheer and clap. We collectively know — tonight, everyone’s a winner. 

Psst: If you want a taste of what’s on offer, Henrik Vibskov’s pop-up is open until April 14 inside Culture Edit on 6757 Santa Monica Blvd.