Channeling the unrelenting spirit of warriors, Tbilisi-based designers Ana Javakhadze and Lika Tkhinvaleli created Reverie as a celebration of confident, powerful, and fearless women everywhere.

Ana Javakhadze and Lika Tkhinvaleli on the Power of the Feminine Factor

Channeling the unrelenting spirit of warriors, Tbilisi-based designers Ana Javakhadze and Lika Tkhinvaleli created Reverie as a celebration of confident, powerful, and fearless women everywhere.
February 25, 2024
article by Mari Alexander/

photography by Daniela Mere and Mari Alexander

I call it a “mini thrill” — seeing the parcel service truck slowly approach my building.

Rushing to the mailbox as soon as he leaves with a sudden, simmering excitement in the pit of my gut. Ah, finally. It’s here. The package I’ve been waiting for. It’s a familiar fluttering feeling I get every time I receive a piece from a new designer. There’s joy in the discovery. How will the product translate from screen to real life? What mood does it set? How will it make me feel?

I pry the package open, tearing it along the seam with urgency. There it is: tar-black and curvaceous, like a half-illuminated moon. Its surface is lacquered and glassy. The whole bag is so flat, envelope-thin, but roomy enough to store daily necessities — the important stuff anyway. The bag’s biggest aesthetic draw, however, is its embellishment. All around, there are metal rings incorporated into the construction. (They clink and rattle when I move the bag to and fro in a practice walk around my apartment.) 

On the leftPhoto by Daniela Mere. / On the rightThe bag, dubbed the “Moon Bag,” is an iteration of the brand’s best-selling Gia Bag, which also boasts a flat, ring-festooned look.

It’s not hard to notice that there’s an air of elevated darkness throughout; it’s not goth per se, but it is goth-tinged. This visual identity is encoded within Tbilisi-based brand Reverie’s existence. Designers Ana Javakhadze and Lika Tkhinvaleli, real-life best friends, started the brand as a way to escape the traditional nine-to-five and explore their creative side. Ana and Lika were inspired by women — real women — which gave rise to the brand’s mysterious, feminine aesthetic. A black color palette dominates Reverie’s pieces, which are flecked with hardware, from silver studs to a string of rings and hoops. 

“[The] use of black in our pieces is a deliberate choice that resonates with the essence of power and strength,” Ana and Lika tell me via an email interview. “Black, as a color, carries a timeless and commanding quality, symbolizing confidence and resilience.” Though it spans a selection of dresses, bottoms, and outerwear, the brand’s main focus is its range of bags — all crafted by hand. It takes one outing with my very own Reverie bag to understand its appeal, to really get it. Between the clink, clink, clink, it reverberates a certain unspoken strength. Here, Ana and Lika talk more about creating fashion that takes cues from the ultimate enigmatic woman.

As told to Mari Alexander. This interview has been edited and condensed for style and clarity.

You started your brand as a way to embody the “enigmatic energy of women.” Are there specific women in your life who inspire you and your work?

We believe in the power of every woman, whether she’s a renowned figure or someone quietly making a difference in her community. Our brand aspires to be a symbol of empowerment, embracing the diverse stories and unique journeys of women who inspire positive change. It’s not about one specific person. It’s a celebration of the countless women around us — friends, neighbors, and everyday heroes — who contribute to shaping a better world. Through our clothing line, we aim to embody the spirit of these strong women, fostering a sense of confidence and inspiration for all who wear our brand.

Metal hardware – rings, studs, etc. — seem to show up consistently in your designs. Why are you drawn to those details?

The inclusion of metal hardware such as rings and studs in our designs carries a profound symbolism deeply rooted in the history and spirit of our country. These elements serve as a tribute to our nation’s unwavering pursuit of peace and freedom throughout its existence. Reflecting the resilience of our people, the use of metal draws inspiration from warriors and kings who, throughout history, proudly wore chains and metal adornments as a symbol of freedom.

What story are you trying to tell with your pieces? How do you want people who wear your clothes to feel?

At Reverie, we believe in the power of individual narratives and the unique stories of every woman who embraces our creations. Our clothes are not just garments; they are vessels of self-expression of those who wear them. We don’t try to dictate or define these stories; instead, we strive to empower each wearer to curate their own narrative of love, identity, and sexuality. Our designs are the backdrop to a personal journey, a celebration of individuality. We aim to provide a platform for self-discovery and expression, encouraging every woman to embrace her authenticity, confident in the knowledge that her story is uniquely hers to tell.

What are some of the techniques you use to create your pieces? What is your design process like?

From bags to clothes, each creation is painstakingly made by hand. We take pride in being intimately involved in every step of the process. The additional details — whether it’s metals, studs, or any embellishment — are meticulously curated and executed exclusively by us. No hands but ours intervene in the crafting process. This dedication to handcrafting not only results in exceptional quality but also adds a personal touch to every piece. The time and effort we invest in our designs reflect our commitment to perfection, ensuring that each piece tells its own story of artistry and passion.

What materials do you use and where do you source them?

Our creative process at Reverie begins with the design. Once our vision takes shape, we begin our search for the finest materials to bring our creations to life. We collaborate with various organizations to source diverse materials from abroad. For items like our bags, authenticity is paramount, so we predominantly use real leather. In cases where genuine leather isn’t used, we opt for the highest quality eco-friendly alternatives. Sourcing such materials, especially in a region like Georgia, poses its challenges, which is why we turn to international organizations to secure premium elements that meet our standards.

How has Tbilisi influenced your designs?

We are proud to be based in Tbilisi — a city that may be small in size but is rich in a vibrant culture of self-expression through fashion. Here, the streets are filled with individuals who embrace dressing as a form of art, showcasing their unique styles and personalities. The influence of this city is undeniable. The diverse and expressive atmosphere of the city has become an integral part of our creative spirit.

What is your ultimate dream? Where do you see your brand in five or 10 years from now?

In the next five to 10 years, we envision our creations being embraced by a multitude of celebrities on red carpets and fashion-forward events. We aspire to host our own fashion shows, standing shoulder to shoulder with renowned designers on a global stage. However, beyond the glamor, our main desire is for Reverie to be loved and respected by people from all walks of life. We dream of creating a brand that not only sets trends but also fosters a genuine connection with our audience. Our ultimate goal is to be a symbol of creativity, innovation, and, above all, a source of inspiration for those who appreciate the artistry and passion we pour into every meticulously crafted piece.

Writer’s disclosure: The Moon Bag was sent to me by Reverie. I wrote the article based on my own research, honest observations, and interviews with Ana and Lika.