With Los Angeles Fashion Week spring-summer 2024 in the rearview mirror, I review the garments I styled for the event – from Lado Bokuchava’s piercing-adorned top to Alexander Wang’s exposed-waistband pants.

What I Wore to LA Fashion Week SS24 (And Where to Shop My Looks)

With Los Angeles Fashion Week spring-summer 2024 in the rearview mirror, I review the garments I styled for the event – from Lado Bokuchava’s piercing-adorned top to Alexander Wang’s exposed-waistband pants.
November 06, 2023
article by Mari Alexander/

photography by Mari Alexander

Recently, I sat down to write a little guide of sorts on how I personally get dressed for fashion week.

I began hunting through my mind for several tried-and-true tactics that I use – both consciously and unconsciously – when dreaming up my looks for fashion season. And in devising these navigational pillars, I realized just how big of a role the city itself plays in every decision I make.

Even though Copenhagen’s style has evolved over the last couple of years, the city is still the harbinger of Scandi-girl cool. Think: minimalist, pared-back garments with clean lines. Add in functionality and androgyny. Maybe a pop of color by way of a bag or comfortable boots. On the other hand, when I think of Paris, it’s hard to separate the city from its Parisian chic aesthetic. Instantly, I imagine a look that’s effortlessly elegant, with a touch of femininity and lightness.

But what about Los Angeles?

A little over two weeks ago, Los Angeles Fashion Week was resuscitated with a terrific roster of designers, a diversely curated schedule, and a new central playground in Hollywood. (You can read my coverage of the week’s highlights here). As I mentally sketched out my looks for the occasion, I tried to pinpoint the city’s evolving style ethos, and it’s then that I realized how diverse that identity really is.

The fashion landscape here is full of dichotomies (and many clichés). It’s athleisure but also red-carpet sparkle. It’s sometimes bohemian but bombshell. It’s skater-girl cool but also off-duty celebrity. It’s straight-from-the-waves surfer type but also Selling Sunset diva showered in logos. As brand consultant Victoria de la Fuente told Vogue, “L.A. style is homogenized yet polarized — either they are wearing Lululemons with Love bracelets, or they are wearing Amina Muaddi heels in a super tight Attico dress. There isn’t much in between.”

So, what is Los Angeles style? I found myself shrugging at the question while staring morosely into the depth of my closet. But somehow, over the course of a week or two, the pieces came together. I went with my gut and my interpretation of LA style, which is pretty much “a little this, a little that.” Filtered through the lens of my own style identity, I assembled garments that had something to say about the city’s multi-faceted fashion persona. Here’s a closer look at some of the outfits I donned to LA Fashion Week this season.

NO. 1: Denim With a DIY Edge

It always starts with a single item – the centerpiece around which I build the rest of the outfit. For this look, it was this cropped blazer from Australian-born, Los Angeles-based Alabama Blonde. Starting her career in music before transitioning into filmmaking, the designer developed an affinity for creating story-forward pieces with leather and latex. Working closely with artists, she dreams up one-of-a-kind garments with a DIY edge. Think: Criss-crossed elastic cleverly integrated into panels of leathers. Separates made of long strips of leather. Lots of silver hardware and buckles.

That unfinished DIY attitude comes across in this pinstripe blazer. It’s smartly tailored, boasting exaggerated shoulders and an exposed underwire detail – silver with a touch of tarnish. I especially love the lapel, which is pierced with silver bar hardware. True to the brand’s passion for storytelling, there’s a bit of discoloration, chalk-like stains, and fraying at the hem – alluding to the garment’s past life. Pulling from the dark-navy, almost-black color palette, I paired the blazer with an asymmetrical denim skirt and matching corset top by h:ours. For the finishing touches, I accessorized with these pierced heart bow earrings and heart-shaped ring from New York-based Frou York.

NO. 2: Piercings, Lace, and Boots With the Fur

Ever since its inception in 2013, New York-based independent label Vaquera has been drawing a cult following with its funky, tongue-in-cheek designs. Take, for example, this skirt, which boasts a lace thong appliqué on the front and back. Though this particular piece is from the brand’s spring-summer 2023 collection, designers Patric DiCaprio and Bryn Taubensee sent out even more lingerie-adorned garments for spring-summer 2024, exploring the idea of celebrity and what it means to live a publicly exposed life – especially now, with the ubiquity of smartphones.

This knicker-clad (yet totally concealed) look also taps into the year’s “undressing” trend. Even more so when paired with this turtleneck from Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava. The piercing-style hardware around the chest area plays into the peek-a-boo, reveal-conceal spirit. I could’ve left it there, but since both pieces sit fairly close to the body, I wanted to do something fun with the silhouette. Enter these faux-fur yeti boots – an Ssense exclusive by MSGM. Unfortunately, they’re all sold out, but I’ve left the link below in case it ever comes back into stock. (Also, here’s an equally playful pink alternative.)

NO. 3: Peek-A-Boo Undies

With a wide-legged, pleated silhouette, these Alexander Wang pants were another take on the peek-a-boo undergarment look. (I didn’t know this when I was outfit-prepping, but designer Luis De Javier, who presented his collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week, also sent out several looks with exposed-boxer waistbands.) This time, however, I wanted something more tailored and relaxed. Fortunately, this piece was so comfortable to wear – a perfect outfit for the last day of fashion week.

I paired the pants with a white cowl-neck top (also from Alexander Wang). I remember seeing this top in person on the runway at the designer’s “Fortune City” show in Chinatown, and I immediately fell in love with it. The gentle draping in the front was so sculpture-like, and I particularly liked the underwire detail at the hem. Getting the top on required a little bit of mental gymnastics; there’s a mesh bra integrated within the top, and it wasn’t the easiest to figure out. The color leans more on the ivory side, so there was a bit of a disconnect between that and the crisp whiteness of the exposed waistband. If I had to reconfigure this outfit, I’d probably do a little differently. (Note: the A.W.A.K.E Mode bag listed below is a slightly smaller version of the one I own, which is currently sold out.)