How to style a three-piece suit: Style Notes

If you haven’t lived in California, you probably don’t know this weather-related factoid about the Golden State. To the surprise of many, we get our fair share of overcast days — a whole month of them, in fact. This time of year, when the ocean breeze forces a particularly heavy marine layer inland, is called “June gloom.” It’s a confusing time of year for weary fashionistas, who already have a tough time dressing for the dizzying number of microclimates in this state. (Putting an outfit together for a cocktail date in Pasadena demands an entirely different formula than dinner in Santa Monica.) So what do we do during that period of gray, dreary skies? 

We layer up. On the day I wore this outfit, it was cloudy. The air had a bit of a bite, and all of the sudden, it didn’t. Then, like a pancake, it flipped again. This vest-and-pants combo was the perfect ensemble to wear on a wishy-washy day like this. There’s a lot to love here. Made by Copenhagen-born Remain Birger Christensen, from the same creative force that created sister brand Rotate, this is a prime example of the kind of daywear staples it excels at. Boasting adjustable waist tabs (something I’d love to see more brands adopt), the pants are well-tailored and versatile. A little long, especially on someone who’s fairly tall, but nothing a quick hemming job won’t fix.

Vests are making a comeback as a layering tool, and I’m here for it. This one’s also from Remain. I ordered a size larger than my usual; I was going for that oversized look. And as for the blazer? It’s a hero piece from Zara that I’ve been wearing on heavy rotation. Throw it on top of a white tee and denim shorts or even a frilly dress, and it’ll work just as well. Truly, a blazer is a key staple that will take you from breezy spring days to summer evenings, through fall and yes, even winter. (During cold-weather season, blazers can be layered under outwear just like this.)

Lastly, the bralette. For every boxy, oversized look I put together, I like to add in one itty-bitty element — something that’s more form-fitting to balance everything out. So, if you’re looking to recreate this three-piece-suit look, here’s where to shop these items. I’ve also included some variations and similar styles you can shop for if you want to put your own spin on the trend. 

Dark neutrals

Copy my exact look with these gloomy-weather basics.

Spring pastels

Dressing for a brighter day? Liven up the three-piece suit with a major dose of sunshine hues.

Easy off-whites

Easy-breezy light neutrals for those casual spring mornings.

Photography by Kristin Vartan.

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