Inside the Fendace pop-up in Beverly Hills: Look Around

In a recent creative collaboration, fashion icons Donatella Versace and Kim Jones brought together their two powerhouse brands, Versace and Fendi. Take a peek at the new collection, Fendace, and its temporary home in Beverly Hills in this week’s “Look Around,” — a section of Mari Go Round that lets photography drive the narrative. Tune in every week as I visually take you along with me to cool happenings in Los Angeles and beyond. And stay in touch by following me on Instagram!

Is it the decade of collaborations and crossovers in fashion? It might just be! For the past few years, it seems like more and more luxury brands are chasing the success of Louis Vuitton and Supreme — perhaps one of the most influential collaborations to this day. Last year, two luxury giants, Balenciaga and Gucci, followed suit, dreaming up a logomania-inspired collection that has swept social media by storm. Now, it’s Fendi’s and Versace’s turn to tie the knot. 

The result of the long-awaited union debuted a few weeks ago, spread across select pop-ups in cities like Dubai, New York, London and of course, Los Angeles. Sandwiched between Dior’s sleek space and Coach’s glass-block storefront on Rodeo Drive, with a bright display of Versace’s famous baroque-style print, the store offers shoppers a chance to shop the pieces in person. Step inside the Beverly Hills newcomer with me! 

What’s the vibe like? Y’know — like the rest of Rodeo Drive. Upscale, with its nose up in the air. Inside, the pink-soaked space is relatively small and narrow. The new collection is displayed on either side, and down the middle, you can peruse thoughtfully displayed accessories (earrings! rings! belts!) as well as rotating display mannequins donning standout pieces from the collaboration. It takes about 15 minutes to whirl through the whole thing, so you can definitely plan a pop-in during your lunch break. 

What about the collection? It’s bright and colorful. You’ll see a lot of baroque-style print for both men and women, but personally, I was more drawn by the jacquard blazer, with its denim patchwork print, metallic threading and Medusa buttons. There’s also a matching skirt, pants and boots. What also stole my attention: a magnificent Fendace fur-trimmed coat and a long black dress with cut-outs held together by gold Medusa safety pin brooches. All lovely, in my humble opinion. 

Is it worth a visit? If you’re swinging by expecting an “experience” or some sort of immersive, visual landscape, you’ll be disappointed. This is not a made-for-social-media space. (In fact, there’s a strict no video policy.) Fendace’s shopping experience is made for folks who want to do just that — shop. So, if you want to see Jones’ and Donatella’s work, try the pieces on in person and scoop up some of the coveted items before they sell out, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

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