How to style statement collars: Style Notes

Throughout history, collars have served numerous functions — from brass pates and chainmail that protected your neck to ruffles that were purely ornamental. We’ve come a long way since then, and collars have certainly evolved over time. But although they do look different now, they still continue to play a meaningful role in any piece of garment.

So, what do they look like in 2022? Designers the likes of Erdem, JW Anderson, Elzinga, 16arlington and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy have turned to the humble collar over the course of the pandemic, shaking up this small-but-important detail in creative ways. Ganni even dreamed up a slew of detachable, Victorian-era-esque pieces that you can pair with any wardrobe mainstays. It makes sense, of course. With most of our interactions happening online and via videoconferencing (and our fashion therefore limited to the chest up), the emphasis really falls on the neckline area.

Not only do I have exclusively virtual meetings, I’m also enrolled in an online course at Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. With so many of my daily conversations taking place in the digital world, I’ve been paying special attention to pieces that mix function with, well, a little bit of Zoom-appropriate fun. I can’t think of a designer who’s adopted this trend better than Tbilisi-based Janashia. In fact, her latest collection is chock-full of dramatic, oversized collars that unfurl like flower petals. I love how she mixes subtle femininity with an edgy, futuristic aesthetic, and this dress is one of my favorites. (You’ve probably heard me gush about it before. I’ve worn to my trip to Napa Valley as well as Los Angeles Fashion Week.)

The coat’s own off-white collar blended beautiful with the dress, adding another layer to the whole look. The exaggerated shoulders amped up the “retro” factor, and the calf-grazing length kept me warm during the winter. Off-white boots pair perfectly with the dress, but for that little something-something, I added this holographic By Far bag. Itty-bitty shiny purses are definitely having a moment right now, and this cute number serves up all the glitz, shimmer and sparkle one could ever hope for. So, if you want to shop my look or simply soak up some inspiration to put together your own version, here’s where to find every outfit piece.

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