Everything I wore to LA Fashion Week: Style Notes

On par with Christmas and Thanksgiving, Fashion Week is one of my favorite times of the year. I love it for the same reason people love the holidays. The mad rush before the event is a crazy time, but at turns, it’s also exciting and invigorating. For me, Fashion Week starts about a month ahead of opening night, and that’s when I kick off my search for the perfect outfits to wear each day. It’s quite an elaborate process, and I always strive to incorporate some elements from new brands or at least ones I haven’t worn before. And of course, I try to weave in some cool, unexpected factor in every look. That’s what Fashion Week is all about anyway — experimenting and showing off your personality through fabric, cut and color. So, if you’re following me on Instagram or here on my blog and are curious where I snagged my Fashion Week pieces from (and the explanation behind my styling decisions), here are all the deets!

LA Fashion Week Day 1: 

As you probably know if you read this blog, I’m from a beautiful little country called Georgia in Europe. I love my hometown, so I always have my finger on the pulse of the fashion scene there. One of the most creative brands to catch my attention is Janashia, helmed by designer Gvantsa Janashia. I absolutely love Janashia’s playful, boldly elegant silhouettes, pumped-up volume and unexpected interplay of fabric. So, when I saw this dress from her latest collection, I knew I had to carve out a special place for it in my closet — like, immediately. It’s even more visually enticing in person than photos. The double-layered wavy collar looks almost three-dimensional, and the oversized puff sleeves give it a flirty personality. No need to go overboard with accessories here. The dress is larger-than-life, and a simple pair of off-white boots works perfectly well. 

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LA Fashion Week Day 2:

The theme for that day was “red carpet,” so I thought a classic velvet dress with a strategically placed (and really flattering) slit would do the trick. But of course, it’s fashion week, and every outfit needs a bit of a kick. Enter the accessories and shoes! I wrote these earrings from Natia x Lako on the cover art of my first single, so it has a very special place in my heart. Not to mention, they have a distinct ability to zhuzh up any outfit instantly. Really, they do steal the show. I got tons of compliments on the earrings, and of course, these Jacquemus heels. I love how the curves of the earrings pair with the circular heels. Plus, it lends the outfit an easy, monochrome look.

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LA Fashion Week Day 3:

Whether you call it genius or lazy, matching sets pack a huge impact. They’re playful, they’re joyful and above all, they’re super easy to throw together. This particular vegan-leather blazer-skirt set has been on my wishlist since it first rolled down the runway at Tbilisi Fashion Week. Materiel Tbilisi, the brand behind this look, is one of my absolute favorites to come out of Tbilisi, Georgia. I love the sharp tailoring, the cinched waist, the structural, geometric feel. The colors too — a spring purple and jade green — are hits. I paired this look with these funky, slip-on Asos heels with a tapered heel and a toe post. 

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LA Fashion Week Day 4: 

Day 4 was streetwear. It was the most challenging theme for me because I don’t typically do streetwear. So, I wanted to put a look together that felt true to both the theme — and my own style. I knew I wanted to play around with denim on denim, marrying something cool and edgy with the Marine Serre second-skin top I bought eons ago and never had a chance to wear. Then, I remembered this Alexander Wang skirt. The distressed hem, the exaggerated asymmetry … felt perfect for the occasion. It’s a cool, funky piece that toggles between being street-inspired and sexy. This Zara cropped denim jacket miraculously matched in denim tone (seriously, I wasn’t even planning on wearing them together until I saw how they matched). For a pop of color, I slipped on these green pointed-toe heels and there, I did it. Streetwear, with a personal twist. 

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LA Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Day 1:

This Athens, Greece, brand has been on my radar lately, and Fashion Week served as a good excuse to finally pull the trigger and order this incredible, spaghetti-strap gown. Just look at the feather-trimmed train! And the jewel-toned, marble-like print was a winner. Of course, I’m always nervous about ordering something from a new brand, particular one that ships from a different, far-flung part of the world. What if I get the sizing wrong? (I did. It was too big, and I had to get it tailored.) But it all worked out just fine. This MilkWhite piece has become a treasured item in my closet. As for the rest of the outfit, because it was a chilly night in Los Angeles, I threw on a nicely tailored Khaite jacket in neutral tones, which matched both my heels and dress. 

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    In all the pictures you look Gorgeous Mari, and the style combination is spot-on! I haven’t been to any fashion week physically, but I admire those.

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