LA Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion returns to DTLA: Look Around

After months of pandemic-related disruption, LA Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion, which came on the heels of a slew of other industry events like LA Fashion Week and Vegan Fashion Week, roared back to life on Oct. 14. Inside the iconic Majestic Downtown, the crowd was impatient and pushing — aching to burst into the main hall or just stick their noses enough to see the action. It was a testament to people’s anticipatory energy and revved-up excitement about fashion and anything and everything live and in person.

When the chaos finally settled, and everyone was seated (and pushed back into a standing-room-only space), it was finally time to start the show. The lights dimmed, and the audience clapped appreciatively as soon as the first model — Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li decked out in a floor-length peach frock— glided down the runway.

House of Skye, helmed by Skye Drynan, is best known for a high-voltage, high-drama aesthetic, and the collection she sent down the runway that night was no exception. Presented in several different modes and layers, the show started with ornate, rococo opulence in jewel-like shades of blues and pinks. We saw a liberal sprinkling of sequins, beaded fringes and metallics, bridging the gap between the brand’s go-to lingerie focus, fashion and stagewear. I particularly loved the velvet skirt-corset-jacket ensemble that borrowed from Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossoms.”

Photo credit: All photos by Reem Abousaif

Then, the scene got darker — enter spikes galore, Matrix-y bodysuits and a mostly noir palette. Skye imbued her creations with a haunting beauty, even sending out a model with a horned headdress and dominatrix-style bra. Fire informed the next grouping, as the screen projection went up in digital flames. There was a galaxy of shimmering red in the form of minidresses and ankle-grazing gowns, and even more whimsical bustiers.

In the show’s last section, she explored metallics, sending elaborate designs in golds and silvers. Think: crystal encrusted gold headdresses and body chains, leopard print ensembles, and lamé statement blazers. Skye herself emerged to an applauding crowd in a Midas-touched golden bodice and headpiece.


House of Castell by Merlin Castell took over the runway next that night, followed by Jonathan Marc Stein and then Gh Luxury Lingerie. The four-day fashion extravaganza, powered by Art Hearts Fashion, runs through Oct. 17. Other designers featured include Argyle Grant, men’s swimwear brand, Kentaro Kameyama, high-fashion designer and former Project Runway winner, Giannina Azar and Kenneth Barlis, to name a few.

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