Roundup: Most fashion-forward masks I found online

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Who would’ve thought? Who would’ve thought that masks would become as big of a part of going out as, y’know, our wallets. If you’d told me this last year, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, it’s our current reality. At the beginning of this, I remember having to hunt down whatever was available, finally settling on a one-star reviewed product on page 20 of the search results. It was a pack of one of those light blue masks with a white elastic stretch ear loop and nose wire that was hell-bent on not being bent. It was advertised as being comfortable and adjustable, but almost all of those who bought it said it was neither of those things. In normal times, I probably would’ve admitted defeat after crossing the fifth page. But desperate times and all. 

That’s changed, of course. Lately, there’s been a veritable outpouring of creative (and colorful) masking. You don’t need to ask someone what they like, what Marvel character they’re fond of, or what fruit is their favorite. It’s all there, written on their faces. In the scant trips that I make to the grocery store, and up and down our neighborhood trail, I’ve seen folks with all sorts of face coverings. 

Masks are sold everywhere, too — at grocery store checkout counters, pharmacies and even museum gift shops. It’s not a bad way for stores to make extra cash, while promoting health and safety. Not bad at all. While all of the face coverings I’ve seen out there are cute and fun, a few of them are, well, fashion-forward. Which brings me to the purpose of this roundup. Wear whatever you want for your next trip to the grocery store, or even that long hike with your dog. Wear something. Really, anything is better than nothing in keeping the people around you safe. But if you want to get a little fancy with it and mask up fashionably, here are a few options. 

Writer’s note: The mask I’m wearing in the featured image was made by my lovely friend Radka Salcmannova, who also happens to be an incredibly talented artist and sculptor. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her and her work.

Lirika Matoshi

Sol dela villa

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Jeune Otte

Jennifer Behr

Farewell Frances

Collina Strada

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#LIVEYOURLOOK RIGHT NOW WITH COLLINA STRADA + MILK MAKEUP Photography: Chad Moore Models: Sara Hiromi and Sasha Melnychuk using Milk Makeup  Story: Emily Gaynor “Live Your Look” is not just about how you create your look; it’s what you do in it that matters. At Milk Makeup, they’re launching a series to show how #LiveYourLook looks right now in our new reality. We’re partnering with milk to make 1,000 masks for The Center, an LGBTQ+ community and programming space in downtown NYC. They’ve been closely collaborating with The Center for over 3 years, and the beautiful vital space has unfortunately had to temporarily close due to COVID-19. These masks will go to the people The Center serves. Creativity often thrives in periods of adversity, fueling new, dynamic ways of thinking. Because masks have suddenly become part of everyday life, self-expression will inevitably look different than it did before. Hillary’s friends: models Sara Hiromi and Sasha Melnychuk and photographer Chad Moore shot this story in their quarantine orbit. Together at the apartment Sasha and Chad share, the three of them took some time to seek beauty and make art out of their current circumstances, while social distancing of course. Masks still leave room for making a statement, closed spaces challenge new ways of creating, and friendship networks are more crucial than ever. See how Hillary, Sara, Sasha, and Chad are using their time to build up and give back. Wear masks, stay safe, and let’s move forward as a community together. Show us how you #LiveYourLook right now.

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American Eagle

Cynthia Rowley



Tia Adeola