Beverly Hills, CA: Ushering in 2020 in an 80’s-Style Black Dress

Ah, shit. I think, raking a hand through my hair while looking down at my black dress. I’m in the back of an Uber ride, and I just realized something: I’m wearing black on a NYE’s outing. Like, all black. Not even a shimmer of a sequin. Not even a glint of a shiny button. When planning our promenade through Beverly Hills with my friend Kristin, I suggested wearing something “festive.” She holds her end of the bargain, waltzing down the Rodeo steps in a burgundy velvet number. I, on the other hand? Well, I went funereal black without even realizing it. 

It’s like my mind was set to default when getting dressed. I’ve been drawn to black dresses ever since my mom gave me free rein on my closet. (First things to go? Jellies and t-shirts with puffy graphics). Obviously, there’s so much beauty in a nicely tailored black dress, but there’s a practical aspect, too. You never run the risk of overdressing or underdressing when wearing black. In the words of Yohji Yamamoto: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy—but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you—you don’t bother me.”

And so, just before it starts to really chip at me, I toss any negative thoughts out of my head. I’m wearing black. So what? I’m comfortable, and above all, confident in what I’m wearing. What’s more, the dress holds some importance to me. It was dreamed up by someone who hails from the same place I do. (If this is the first of my blog posts that you’re reading, that’s from the teeny tiny Republic of Georgia). I fell in love with Lado Bokuchava’s collection ever since I saw them on the Fall ’19 runway in Tbilisi. This dress in particular marries so many romantic elements—an exaggerated drape, a knotted front, a thick belt that cinches the waist in a true ‘80s fashion. 

This modern romance feels right against the backdrop of Beverly Hills’ European alleys and cobblestone streets. It’s just beautiful here today. Christmas decor climbs up the Rodeo steps and swirls around palm trees and street lamps. I’ll admit—it’s a little windy (OK, too windy), but that doesn’t take away from the allure of Rodeo Drive. 

Kristin and I peruse the elegant Christmas tree inside the historic Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and then make our way to Uniquities, an antique store I’ve been meaning to explore for quite some time now. Tucked away on N Beverly Drive, this gorgeous consignment house is a place I won’t soon forget. Walking inside is like being ushered into a well-adorned, period-perfect pied-à-terre that also feels like a mini museum. It’s theatrical, whimsical, and inspires me to do some major redecorating in my own home! 

At the end of the day, after I slip back into my sweats and hunker down with a cuppa at home, I’m grateful that, when throwing clothes on in a rush, I went with instinct. As we approach 2020, it’s important to realize that sometimes, it’s OK with break the dress code. It’s OK to listen to your gut, and make choices that feel true to the things you love. Especially if it involves a beautiful black dress. 

Outfit Deets | Dress: Lado Bokuchava

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