Celebrating Spectrum’s ‘LA’s Finest’ at NeueHouse Hollywood

Back in 2016, we got the gender-flipped remake of Ghostbusters. Two years later, we were treated to Ocean’s 8. Now, we’re getting LA’s Finest, a female-fronted spin-off of Bad Boys. Two words: “Yes!” and “finally!” The Spectrum Original stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as detectives on a mission to take down the worst crop of criminals plaguing the City of Angels. In other words, get excited for those action sequences, folks. (Full disclosure: I’m still in the throes of watching Impostors, and I have yet to see LA’s Finest).

Ahead of the show’s May 13th premiere, NeueHouse Hollywood played host to a shindig that helped drum up excitement. The event, which took place last Saturday, had many layers. In one corner, a tattoo artist rendered a manner of subjects on guests willing to provide her with an empty canvas. I, for one, wasn’t up for a tat on a whim. The avocado tostadas floating around the room, however, I was down for. On the other side, makers from Rowdy Cowlick—purveyor of chainstitch-embroidered goods—offered up custom monograms on bandannas in shades of white, navy-blue, pink and black. There were performances by stand-up comedians, including the ever-so-talented Zainab Johnson. And of course, Jessica Alba made a quick appearance, setting all on eyes on the stage before graciously flitting away.

But that didn’t really mark the end of the evening. In fact, Jessica’s short speech was just an interlude, which was followed by a performance by LA-based pop up-comer, Gia Woods. With her raspy, wistful vocals, danceable beats and two backup dancers, she managed to amp up the crowd while keeping an, erm, handful of phones hovering in the air, cameras rolling. It’s safe to say that the night’s roster of all-female performers was not only a hit, but a fitting way to celebrate women-led projects.

Featured photo by Tim Regas