Tiny Hoops, With A Delicate Twist

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m bundled up in a mille-feuille of undershirt, sweater and furry coat, I’m not too inclined to sport bulky earrings. There’s always that looming threat of something snagging. (Have you ever had your earlobe accidentally stretch like a rubber band while trying to take your chunky-threaded cardigan off? Well, then, you know the feeling I’m desperately trying to avoid). Which is why small-and-simple hoop earrings always seem to do the trick when it comes to giving my winter garb a bit of sparkly oomph. On any given day, you’ll most likely find me accessorizing with my favorite pair of hoops and little else. And no, hoop earrings don’t have to be heavy and boring, and they can very certainly be the unsung hero of your otherwise casual look. Take these unique wares, which, in my opinion, are a total fresh take on the tried-and-true accessory.

Little Rose Hoops | Vanessa Mooney


Baby Baroque Pearls | Luiny

from 90.00

Duo Hoops | Mejuri


Eileen Cuff Hoops |GLDN

from $34.00

Mia Hoops | Cuchara

$98 CAD

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