All The Best-Dressed Guests From LA Fashion Week

On a brisk October evening in Los Angeles, near the entrance to the parking lot of “that red building”—a term Uber drivers like to throw around when referring to the Petersen Automotive Museum—the weather kept cropping up in conversations. Mainly because it was just starting to turn, like milk unexpectedly going bad a few days before its expiration date, and guests were a little cold. In reality, the city has had one too many bountiful summer months, and in perusing this year’s street style photos from fashion weeks across the globe, in which thick, furry coats and blazers made regular appearances, one thing becomes immediately obvious: We’ve been having it good. And that bite in the air ? It was a long time coming.

And it was during that week of ambiguous, transitional weather—that too-hot-with-coat, too-cold-without weather—that attendees flocked to LA Fashion Week in style, flowing into warmth of the runway hall and then out to the cold of the open-air terrace between shows. From Shiva Safai’s embroidered Fabiana Milazzo gown to Adelaide Kane’s one-shouldered number, it’s safe to say LAFW’s guests were well-dressed for the occasion, even if, possibly, not particularly well for the weather.

Photography by Joe Garcia, Johnathan Sutton and Kevin R. Sheffield

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