If you’ve been spending some time perusing the profiles of the chicest Instagram It girls, then you might already know that the beaded bag is having a moment. Like, a big moment. And frankly, the trend took me by surprise, but I can see the reason behind the mania. Popularized, in large part, by British brand Shrimps, which took the blogosphere by storm with its faux-pearl boxy totes, the beaded bag is a playful addition to any outfit. It’s unfussy, a little childlike and just downright fun.

So either call up your grandmas to schedule a closet raiding session or treat yourself to one of these cool-kid handbags.


Beaded Mini Shopper from Zara | $29.99


Bicolor beaded bag from Mango | $69.99


Beaded shopper bag from Mango | $99.99


Metallic Beaded Shoulder Bag from Topshop | $55.00


White Beaded Bag from Pixie Market | $119.00

Posted by:Mari Makatsaria

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