What You Need To Know About LA’s Latest Pop-Up, BLOOM

bloom_4_21_18_9840No other place does pop-ups—from the insanely popular Museum of Ice Cream to ever-colorful Happy Place—better than LA. In fact, there are so many pop-ups, well, popping up every week, that the concept has become ingrained in the culture of the city. Don’t get us wrong. We’re all about a good pop-up, and we’ll do just about anything and go just about anywhere for a promise of a well-orchestrated post.

But, you know, sometimes, we want just a little bit more out of the experience. Enter BLOOM, an open-air art show that makes a strong case for pop-ups that go a step above being just a backdrop for some seriously cool Instagram photos. Here are a few things to know before you snag tickets (yes, there are plenty left!) to the event this weekend.

1. There will be flowers—lots of them.

With close-to 10,000 blooms—a combination of silk, paper and the real deal—peppering 100,000 square feet of Griffith Park’s grass, BLOOM isn’t messing around. Stephanie Domzalski and April Wish, the duo behind the concept, dreamed up the show about 18 months ago in hopes of creating a welcoming space for artists, musicians, chefs and the community to come together.

2. You won’t go hungry.

Have you ever snacked on sugared flower petals? Well, the show might be your chance to experiment with edible flowers. (No, flowers aren’t just for garnish! When used correctly, blossoms can add a surprising amount of texture and flavor to any dish). If you’re looking for a more traditional lunch, don’t fret. There will be a slew of nibbles and noshes— The Grilled Cheese Truck, Dreamy Creations Cupcakes, Green Truck and Peaches’ Smokehouse—to enjoy under the sunshine.

3. You’ll give your IG feed a serious color boost. 

If you don’t come equipped with ample storage space on your cell phone, you’ll be tragically disappointed. Because every art installation at this event is a lonely backdrop aching for a grinning face. We’re talking an antique bathtub filled with lavender, a chair adorned with flowers and a field of poppy pinwheels, giant dandelions and “a sea of jacaranda,” to name a few.

4. You’ll learn a lot about honey bees. 

In fact, this is one of the main motives behind the three-day event. The folks behind Bloom partnered up with HoneyLove, “a local nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect the honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers.” If you’ve never seen honey bees at work, make a—sorry—beeline to the hive on display, and you’ll see why the term “busy bee” is a fitting description. This is also a good opportunity to teach the kiddos the many wonders of the ever-docile honey bee and perhaps even grab a few honey sticks to go.

5. And other things.

The show also boasts other fun activities (see schedule) including a skincare workshop, a pressed flower craft experience and a honey tasting. There will even be a flower “potions” station, where your tots can get whip up their own blossom concoctions. (Think: Lots of fun with glitter). Before the show winds down on Sunday, artist and author Bethany Barton will give a reading of Give Bees a Chance, followed by “an interactive art experience based on the book.”


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