2018 Hair Trend For The SoCal Girl: The Bob, Three Ways

2017 was all about the textured bob—a choppy cut that added a bit of volume and layering to your average face-framing do. While it was a subtle nod to the past, it made sure to stay current by factoring in balayage, highlights or an ombre color. It was trendy, hip and seemingly carefree (when in reality, it probably needed more upkeep than your man’s beard). As we inch closer to 2018, the almost-chin-length cut is still hanging tight. That being said, major fashion-forward celebrities Instagram photos are indicating that it’s going through a bit of a change. It’s relaxing a little. As a happy and effortless style—which defined the 1920s flapper era when women chose to cut off their locks in rebellion—it’s finally becoming more honest. Meaning, mostly one-hued, sans any frills. Here are a few looks to hand over to your hairdresser, so that the new-year-new-you can, um, bob her freshly cut head of hair to the music just in time for that NYE party.

1 – The banging bob

If you weren’t blessed with naturally ruler-straight hair, bangs were thought of as a bit of a hassle. Well, not anymore. In fact, a squiggly, noodle-like fringe is actually in. Here’s proof that even wavy-haired gals can rock this look. Your straightener can take a break now.

2 – The side-parted bob 

Take it from Natalie Portman, who wowed us with her classy cut paired with a striking red lipstick in a recent Dior ad—there’s nothing more timeless than a side-parted bob.

3 – The center-parted bob

While a clean center part might elicit memories of your middle school years, remember this: You are much cooler now, and you definitely know way, way better. Just watch Bella Hadid and Beyoncé.

As an Los Angeles-based journalist and fashion writer, Mari Alexander highlights local and global talents through runway reviews, designer interviews, and trend reports.

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